How does pension fund pro handle requests

for cash payments of vested benefits?

Generously within the limits of the law.

Application for cash payment of vested benefits

You can request the unconditional cash payment of your vested benefits if

  • you take up self-employment in Switzerland and are no longer subject to the mandatory employee benefits insurance.
  • your vested benefits amount to less than your annual employee contribution.

If you leave Switzerland permanently to relocate to an EU/EFTA country or if you are a cross-border commuter domiciled in an EU/EFTA country and you stop working in Switzerland permanently, the following applies:

  • The extra-mandatory component of your vested benefits (as reported in your personal pension certificate) can only be paid out in cash if you are subject to compulsory insurance at your new place of residence (cross-border commuters: current place of residence).
  • The mandatory component of your vested benefits must be invested in a in Switzerland.

You can use the form at Liaison office To find out if you will be subject to compulsory insurance. If you are not subject to compulsory insurance in your new country of residence (cross-border commuters: current country of residence), all the vested benefits can be withdrawn in cash, as was the case in the past.

Form for application for cash paymentpdf


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