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Changing the order of beneficiaries in the event of death

If an insured person dies before retirement and no surviving spouse's, surviving partner's or orphan's pensions fall due, all or part of the accrued retirement assets are paid out. Regardless of the provisions of inheritance law, the following persons are entitled to this payment:

  • The surviving spouse or partner; if none,
  • The children entitled to a pension; if none,
  • Natural persons supported to a considerable extent by the insured or the person with whom the insured lived in a domestic partnership without interruption during the five years preceding his/her death, or the person responsible for supporting one or more joint children; if none,
  • The children of the deceased who receive an orphan's pension; if none,
  • The parents or siblings; if none,
  • The other legal heirs.

The insured person can write to pension fund pro and freely determine the claims of the beneficiaries in one beneficiary group only (a to f).

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