What can we say about our disability benefits?

The benefits speak for themselves.

Disability benefits

Disability pension

An insured is considered to be disabled if a doctor provides objective proof that the insured is partly or totally unable for reasons of illness or unintended bodily injury to exercise his/her profession or to perform other gainful employment appropriate to his/her circumstances, expertise and abilities, i.e. the insured is disabled as defined by the Federal Disability Insurance (IV). The disability pension is paid after a waiting period of 12 months. If the insured is covered under a group health insurance policy, the waiting period is extended to 24 months. The full disability pension equals the sum of the accrued retirement assets and future retirement credits (without interest) multiplied by the applicable conversion rate. As the accrued retirement assets can be reduced, many employers insure their employees for a disability pension equalling a fixed percentage of the pensionable or effective salary.

Disabled person's child's pension

An insured who receives a disability pension and has children who are younger than 18 or have not yet finished their education is entitled to a disabled person's child's pension. This claim lapses at the latest when the child reaches the age of 25. The statutory disabled person's child's pension equals 20% of the statutory disabiltiy pension per eligible child. Employers are at liberty to insure a higher disabled person's child's pension.

Waiver of contributions

After a waiting period of three months, insured who are unable to work no longer have to pay any contributions, but their insurance coverage remains intact.


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