What should a temporary job agency arrange with us?

Pension cover for life.

Temporary employment companies

We are proud of the fact that pension fund pro has sucessfully established itself as a reliable partner for temporary employment companies. We handle employee benefits insurance for more than 400 employment companies, and the services offered by pension fund pro are perfect for providing pension coverage for the people who work for temporary employment companies.

As we calculate the coordination deduction on the basis of the hourly wage for you and your temporary employees, you can insure your employees from the first hour in which they work.

Other advantages of pension fund pro:

  • You are provided with custom-made pension plans for your company (no standard plans).
  • We calculate the actual hours worked every month.
  • You receive an electronic list of your temporary employees every month.
  • The risk premiums are due 30 days after the statement date, but the savings contributions only fall due at the end of the year (31.12.).
  • With pension fund pro, the de facto partner is also entitled to a survivor's pension in the event of death.

Request a quotation directly, or discuss your needs with us first. Our specialists would be happy to advise you.


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